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   Office Orders    
  1. O.O.No. WM-II-(14-15)-10 - Office Order regarding submission of Mandate Form to facilitate e-Payment.
  2. O.O.No. WM-I-Annual Property Returns (14-15)-2764 to 3135 - Office Order regarding submission of Annual Property Returns of DA cadre officials to Head-Quarter Office.
  3. O.O.No. WM-I-BIO-DATA(14-15)-2336-2708 - Office Order regarding making available Bio-Data of DA Cadre Officials to the Head-Quarter Office.
  4. O.O.No. WM-I/Additional/2014-15/62 - Office Order regarding transfer and posting Divisional Accountants in various divisions and additional charge of the divisions allotted to them.
  5. O.O.No. WM-I/Additional/2014-15/60 - Office Order regarding additional charge allotted to Divisional Accountants.
  6. O.O.No. WM-I/Service Regu/2014-15/54 - Office Order regarding submission of Application for Regularization of Past Services by concerned D.A.O.s who have joined the office after technical resignation from their previous posting under Central/State Govt., Indian Railways, ESIC, etc.
  7. O.O.No. WM-I-(T&P)/2014-15 - Regarding Transfer & Posting of Sr. Divisional Accounts Officers/Divisional Accounts Officers Grade I and II and Divisional Accountants (Prob.) as per the list enclosed as Annexure.
  8. O.O.No. WM-I/Additional/2013-14/49 - Office Order regarding Additional Charge to Officers.
  9. Draft Gradation List of DA/DAOs as on 01-03-2014.
  10. Details of Vacant Divisions (District/Grade-wise) :: Proforma for submitting the Choice of Posting.
  11. O.O.No. WM-I/Additional/2013-14/45 - Office Order regarding Additional Charge to Officers.
  12. Guidelines on Transfer & Posting - with respect to Divisional Accountants Cadre.
  13. Guidelines on Transfer & Posting - with respect to Group-B (Non-Gazetted) and Group-C staff, and Group-B (Gazetted) staff.
  14. Gradation List of DA/DAOs as on 01-03-2013.
  15. O.O.No. WM-I/2013-14/39 - Office Order Regarding Property Returns.
  16. O.O.No. WM-I/Additional/2013-14/38 - Regarding distribution of additional charge of various divisions among officers (as per enclosed list).
  17. O.O.No. WM-I-Promo_DAO-II(2013-14)-37 - Promotion of Divisional Accountants to Divisional Accounts Officer Gr. II (Group-B Non-Gazetted) in the Payband of Rs. 9300-34800+GP 4600 from 01.01.2014.
  18. O.O.No. WM-I/T&P/DA/2013-14/35 - Transfer/Posting of Divisional Accounts Officer-I, Road Division, Chapra and Divisional Accountant (Probationer), Madhubani.
  19. O.O.No. WM-I-DAGE-(11/2013)-28 - Reminder to eligible Divisional Accountants (Prob.) to submit applications for D.A.G. Exam to be held from 18.11.2013 to 22.11.2013.
  20. O.O.No. WM-I/Additional/2013-14/23 Dated 15-10-2013 - Additional Charge of Divisions.
  21. O.O.No. 124/2013 Dated 06-09-2013 - Fixation of pay in case of the officials promoted to the posts which have been upgraded and placed with Grade Pay of Rs. 4,600/- in the revised pay structure between 01/01/2006 to 29/08/2008.
  22. O.O.No. WM-II/2013-14/07 Dated 20-09-2013 - Invitation of Option from officials promoted as DAO-II between 01/01/2006 and 29/08/2008 ragarding Fixation of Pay.
  23. O.O.No. WM-I/AGT 13/Additional/2013-13/9 Dated 04-07-2013 - Regarding additional charge allotted to Divisional Accountants/Divisional Accounts Officers Grade-I & II/Sr. Divisional Accounts Officers mentioned in the Annexure-A. List of officials mentioned in Annexure-B are transferred with immediate effect.
  24. O.O.No. WM-I (T&P)/2013-14/06 Dated 31-05-2013 - Transfer Posting Order of Sr.D.A.O./D.A.O. GR.1 & GR.2
  25. Option for Annual General Tranfer, 2013 - for Eligible Officers of DA cadre.
  26. O.O.No. WM-I (D&O)/Addl.Chrg./12-13/18 Dated 25-06-2012 - Regarding additional charge allotted to Divisional Accounts Officers/Sr. Divisional Accounts Officers mentioned in the Annexure-I. List of DAO/DA posted in RWD who have been reshuffled recently appears as Annexure-II.
  27. O.O.No. WM-I (T&P)/2012-13/13 Dated 23-05-2012 - Regarding present division of Sr. Divisional Accounts Officer.
  28. O.O.No. WM-I (T&P)/2012-13/11 Dated 17-05-2012 - Transfer/Posting of Divisional Accounts Officer/Divisional Accountants.
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